The all-in-one LIFE planner that programs your mind for success.

“The most effective planner I've ever used! I'm getting more done than ever before. Most importantly, I am not frustrated or overwhelmed about time or my project list.”
The Dream Big Life Planner
  • Stop Spinning Your Wheels. Start Achieving BIG! 
    This is for you if you want to be in control of your time and life, instead of it controlling you.
  • Get What Matters Done: 
    Stop feeling overwhelmed, frustrated because there is not enough time in the day.
  • Stop Wasting Time: This is for you if you are looking for a simple way to get more of what matters done and stop wasting time on superficial busyness


Weekly Planning 

Dream Big Life Planner inside page 1

Weekly Review for
Big Results

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It's also a Journal

Dream Big Life Planner inside page 1

2 pages for each Day


This is for you if you have BIG DREAMS. This is for you if you want to accomplish more.
If you want to achieve your big goals and if you want to create a crazy amazing life.

You Struggle to manage your time. 

You are constantly over-scheduled and overwhelmed because you were never taught how to manage your time, priorities or mindset for time mastery. 

You are easily distracted.

You find yourself easily distracted by social media, email, web surfing, and a million other things when you know you could be and should be making progress on your dreams. 

You Always Wish You Had More Time in the Day.

At the end of the day, you find yourself frustrated by your lack of progress in the important things that matter. 

You Procrastinate. 

You find yourself procrastinating even when you have important things to do. 

Your Life is Disorganized & Lacks Direction. 

You find yourself overwhelmed because you don't have a clear direction or plan on what you should be doing. 

You Want to Unlock Your Productivity

No matter how hard you try, you always struggled with productivity and getting what matters done. You know you a better way, but regular planners do not work for you. 

This is for you if you are looking for a simple way to get more of
what matters done and stop wasting time on superficial busyness.​

​What is it?

The DREAM BIG LIFE PLANNER is an all-in-one planner that programs your mind for success by giving you a step-by-step system that guides you to amazing success.

It is a day planner, calendar, journal, planner, vision & brainstorming boards, and it is combined with a life coaching program. Think of it as a all-in-one day planner on steroids. Your success depends on your everyday habits. This planner will help you create super successful habits.

Isn't time you learned how to control your time, instead of it controlling you?

The Dream Big Life Planner will show you how to master your time.
And create an unstoppable mindset.


Seriously, here’s how ...
We waste hours a day with superficial busyness. Things that keep us mindlessly busy on things that don’t really matter. Or you don't have a solid plan, so you go aimlessly through your day. Then at the end of the day you haven’t accomplished the things that bring you closer to your goals, dreams and happiness.

Stop the frustration and anxiety of wasted days.

Using the Dream Big Life Planner can save you 2 hours or more a day of wasted time because it helps you determine what matters most and focus on the action steps to make it happen. It is simple and ridiculously effective.

Save 2 or more hours a day. 2 hours a day, times 5 work days a week = 520 hours a year. That equals 13 weeks of working 40 hours a week. That's more than 3 months. What will you do with an extra 3 months a year?

Imagine what you could do with 3 extra months of productivity a year.


This is a proven system for success to give you a road map to your success, a champion mindset, how to live your passion, how to create successful habits and how to stay focused.

      More than a planner, it’s a success system to take you from a life of confusion to a life of accomplishment & purpose. Included with your planner: training videos, weekly inspiration audio downloads, and the annual Dream Big Life expo event. You’re joining a community of like-minded success-oriented peers.
      A person without a roadmap is like a ship without a captian and will go aimlessly through life. The first thing you do when you get your planner is to create a 1 year roadmap and then break it down into 4 quarters. And then create the action steps to make it happen. Success has never been simpler.
      Mindset is everything! Without the right mindset you will always struggle. Upgrade your thinking and you upgrade your life. Designed with my proven mindest success neuro-programming life & success coaching into a planner you use every day to achieve more than ever before.
      Passion is life. When you follow your passion, you are internally driven because you are doing what you love. The Dream Big Life Planner will help you get there because it is designed for your big dreams.
      Behavior never lies. You are the result of your habits. Dump old bad habits and adopt new empowering habits. Success is as simple as doing the small things right.
      Get focused and stay focused. I know for a fact that success does not go to the most talented. It goes to those who are focused and resilient. Train your mind to stay focused and go the distance when others quit.

It’s a digital world, right? Yes, but it is radically more effective to write using a pen/pencil/marker/crayon/blood, than using a phone, laptop or tablet. Why? Writing “lights up” your brain in ways digital does not. It actually programs your mind to achieve what you write down. It gets embedded into your subconscious mind deeper. This all means, you achieve more.

Listen, I get it. My life is totally digital. I am paperless except the books I read and my Dream Big Life Planner. My Planner goes EVERYWHERE I go. This is intentional because it works. And I have the track record to prove it works and works ridiculously badass!

Mindset technology combined with old school power!

Want more proof?
The act of writing “Lights your brain up.” According to many studies, writing engages your motor-skills, memory, and parts of the brain that typing and speaking do not. Writing, journaling, planning, and reflection are combined in the Dream Big Life Planner to optimize the way your mind works. According to a study from Princeton University (1/2014) with writing, your understanding is better, you remember more, and you synthesize more effectively.

The Pen is mightier than the Keyboard. Psychological Science: Pam Mueller
Learning Secret: Don’t take notes from a laptop. Scientific American: Cindi May.

This is a 90-day comprehensive planner for super success. It’s your most effective tool for planning and living an extraordinary life based on proven Neuro-Mindset strategies that program your mind for success.

The Productivity Features 

  • • How to use the Dream Big Life Planner
  • • Annual Goal Setting Guide
  • • 90 Day Challenge
  • •10 Steps to a Ridiculously Productive Day
  • Monthly Action Plan
  • • Day Planner
  • • Monthly Planner
  • • Monthly Re-cap
  • • Upcoming Week Plan
  • • Time Tracker
  • • Self-Accountability
  • • Monthly Calendar
  • Weekly Review
  • • Journal Pages
  • • Power of 60
    Powerful Networking Guide
  • Motivational Quotes
  • • Weekly Mantra
    (e.g. "Start Bold, Finish Bold."


How to Use the Dream Big Life Planner

Success made easy. Included are easy to follow steps to get started with your planner and how to master your time. 

10 Steps to a ridiculously productive day with the Dream Big Life Planner

10 STEPS to a

Using the Dream Big Life Planner to create productive days, day after day after day. 

Maximize Your Day with the Dream Big Life Planner

•2 pages for each day

There is plenty of room for everything going on in your life. Most planners are basic and expect you to fit everything into a 2-page spread for a whole week. There's never enough room to plan, schedule, capture, review, and journal.

Week Ahead with the Dream Big Life Planner

• Take control of your time,
    instead of it controlling you. 
• Set "Time Blocks." The most effective method
   of time management.
• Starts on a Monday just like your week. 
• Weekend days are together.
   After all, it is the weekend. 
• An area for notes or brainstorming. 

Weekly Recap - Upcoming Week - Dream Big Life Planner

• Set yourself up for success. 
• Set Primary Business & Personal Goals.
• See your month at a glance. 

Power of 60 - Best Networking Strategy - Dream Big Life Planner

POWER of 60
• Your Net Worth = You Network
• Stay in contact with the most important people
   in your life and business.
• Training on how to the most effective 
   networking strategy - The Power of 60. 

Dream Big Life Planner Monthly Overview

• Set yourself up for success. 
• Set Primary Business & Personal Goals.
• See your month at a glance. 
• Vision board or vision statement for the month. 
• Make a self-promise for the month.
• Plan Magic Moments and adventures.

Monthly Goal Setting & Planning - Dream Big Life Planner

• Your Monthly Road Map to Success. 
• Set primary goal for month & each week.
• See your month at a glance.
• Create Weekly Milestone
• Area to create flowcharts, a plan or mindmap. 
• Inspirational quotes to motivate your planning. 

Dream Big Life Planner Monthly re-cap

At the end of the month, it is time to check in and evaluate how you did. Growth comes from checking in and finding patters of success and failures.

• Rate your month.
• Your Greatest Successes.
• Room for improvement. Gratitude.

This is the same type of exercise my private clients will do at the end of each week and month.

The Most Effective Day Planner Ever for time manageement

Maximize Your Success with a 2-Pages for each day

Each day is a 2-page spread. So there is plenty of room for everything going on in your life. Most planners are basic and expect you to fit everything into a 2-page spread for a whole week. There's never enough room to plan, schedule, capture, review, and journal.
This is the most effective and comprehensive planner you will ever use.

  • Today’s Primary Goal – What is your main goal for the day? If you got only this one thing done, you will feel like a great success.
  • Today’s Wealth Producing Activity – What are you going to do today that will make you more income or more financially free?
  • This weeks Affirmation/Intention. Examples: Be Bold!, Be Kind to myself!
  • How did I do? – At the end of the day rate your level of success.
    This super simple strategy helps your unconscious mind want to succeed and get good scores.
  • Daily Gratitude – What do you have to be grateful today?
  • Today’s Small Successes – What were your big and small successes today? Small successes lead to BIG successes.
  • Room to grow – This is your self-accountability for continuous improvement.
  • Magic Moments & Praise – What amazing things happened and what great things were said to you today?

Journal, Brainstorm, Dream – You get one whole page for journaling, taking notes, sketching ideas, mind-mapping, capturing thoughts, planning or anything else you want to do to help you succeed. Instead journal of pages at the end of the planner, there is one with each day. The reason: Your notes and ideas are kept together with your schedule, plan and review. This will help you find patterns that hold you back and patterns of success. You will always be getting better and more successful.

Heres what you get - Dream Big Life Planner image
  • Each Month you get a new 30 day
    Dream Big Life Planner
  • Dream Big Act Big softcover book
  • Plus all of the bonuses below
Dream Big Life Planner bonus #1

DREAM BIG ACT BIG softcover book

The book celebrated around the world as one of the best personal development books.

  • You get 1 physical version and a digital version with your new Dream Big Life Planner membership. Download the book instantly. Your physical copy will be shipped to you priority mail the next business day.
    Dream Big Life Planner bonus #2



    • Yes, shipping is included. 
      Not just on your first month, but every month. And this isn't some slow media mail, it USPS priority. Orders are typically shipped out within 1 business day and take only 2-3 days to arrive at your door. (USA orders ONLY).
      Dream Big Life Planner bonus #3


      You don't have to go it alone. You get so much more than a planner when you buy today, you also get success training and a like-minded community of achievers.

      • Training Video Series
        How to get the most out of your planner
        Jump start your Success
        How to eliminate distractions and procrastination
        How to achieve ridiculously amazing success
        Dream Big Life Planner bonus #4


        • Monthly LIVE Coaching conference calls.
          Have a question for me?
          Something has you struggling?
          Do you need clarity on getting more done?
          Once a month I host a LIVE group conference call where you get to ask me questions or get feedback on using your planner, or any success and life question. Can't make the call? No worries, they are recorded. Email your question in advance and I may answer it during the call. Then you can listen at you leisure.
        Dream Big Life Planner bonus #5


        • Weekly Inspiration
          Each week you will also get an inspirational message or training from me in your email inbox. It may be some of my inspiring writing (that often will find it's way into my next book). It could be an audio message download. Possibly a Champion Visualization exercise (typically audio). Or maybe a success exercise to help bring you to the next level. Each week it is something to help you stay motivated, fine tune your skills and train your mindset for success.

          Zig Ziglar was asked if motivation was necessary, he responded, "You can go without a shower too, but I wouldn't recommend that either." I am including this because your mind must be filled with empowering thoughts, ideas and training. Without it, it is easy to slip down the deadly slope of complacency.

        Dream Big Life Planner special bonus 6 image


        • Facebook Community
          Share your successes. Ask for help with your challenges. Or just simply be around other amazing people looking to succeed at a higher level. This community of like-minded peers will be your daily go to place to be with people who "just get it."
        Dream Big Life Planner special bonus 6 image

        DREAM BIG LIFE LIVE event

        • Join us at DREAM BIG LIFE LIVE
          Seriously, you get to join me for 3 amazing days at the DREAM BIG LIFE Live Event filled with brilliant speakers, information and training. It's yours free for being part of the Dream Big Life community (a $499 value).
        • Let me explain why you are going to love this.
          This is not just a day planner. It's so much more. We are building a community of like-minded empowered people. Online and in person.
        • You can do it alone. But it is so much easier and so much more fun to succeed with people who are also succeeding. And with friends who “get it.” No longer will you have to feel alone and feel like others don’t understand you. You will now be part of a global family who understand how the value of personal growth and what it is like to live your dreams. And we will meet for an annual gala of awesomeness. The first annual Dream Big Life Live event will be in November 2016 in sunny Florida.  

                With the Dream Big Life Planner you get so much more than just a planner. You get an ongoing training and coaching program with many bonuses and a success minded community.

                Each month you get a new 30 day Planner in the mail and the membership training and bonuses as long as you are a member. Here's why ...

                    • Each month when you get a new planner, it will remind you of your goals and motivate you to "start fresh" and move towards your goals and dreams. This helps you improve your productivity each month and helps you keep you on track to achieve your big goals and dreams. You'll get 10 or even 100 times more out of your $29.99 investment. 
                    • Achieving your goals and dreams is much faster and easier when you have an accountability system. That is what the Dream Big Life Planner does for you. The planner and the community and the ongoing training helps to keep you on the FAST TRACK to SUCCESS!
                    • This is a community of like minded success oriented people. People who use the planner regularly to achieve their goals and dreams.
                    • As a member you get a free ticket to DREAM BIG LIFE LIVE. It's free to you as a bonus and a way for us to celebrate together once a year in November. It's a different location every year, but this year is Florida.
                    • Ongoing inspiration and training.
                      - You get instant access to "Getting the Most out of your Planner" online video training.
                      - You get weekly inspirational emails
                      - You get monthly group webinars/training coaching calls.
                      - And you get access to a private Facebook community

                    Can I buy just one Dream Big Life Planner?

                    • Yes, here's how ...
                      You can join the Dream Big Life Planner membership and cancel at any time. If you decide that it is not for you, you simply reply to any email and ask to cancel. Super simple.

                      Once you get the planner, you'll want a new one each month. But if you don't, simply cancel.

                      The planner is not available as a one time purchase.
                      If you are already a member, you will have the ability to buy one-time gifts.