At the end of the day I was often feeling and saying, "What did I get done today that actually matters?" Every day I felt like I was falling further behind on my dreams.​

The Dream Big Life Planner was created to solve that big problem. I was disorganized and unfocused. I was busy all day, but not on what mattered. I tried every day planner, day timer, calendar, app and every time management device I could find. None of them worked. All of them were missing key things that I needed. 

So I set out to find a solution that would work for professional, entrepreneur, creative minds who are often unorganized​, easily distracted and often unfocused. In other words, people like I me. Busy, but not making forward movement towards their dreams. What I created is often called, "The Best Planner Ever."

The Most Effective Day Planner Ever for time manageement

Creator of the Dream Big Life Planner

Ever since I was a child I wondered, why do some succeed and why do some struggle? Why are some wealthy and others are perpetually broke? My pursuit of understanding success has brought me here, to you, with this simple planner that will change your life based on real world and world record results.

After years as a carpenter. I wanted more. I knew I could, but how? This was 10 years ago. I started searching for answers to create an extraordinary life. I read hundreds of books, from ancient wisdom to contemporary masters. I searched out elite mentors. I relentlessly studied success and I studied failure.

Then I applied what I learned. My life became a test tube for success (and failures). And the results I got, well frankly, they are pretty freaking amazing. Ridiculous success started with a Run Across America. I was a non-runner and with a year of training and planning, I ran a marathon a day for 100 consecutive days from California to NYC. The next year I broke the world record running through Death Valley in 117 degrees of summer heat – running solo-unassisted for 146 miles. I am currently in training to run across America for a second time.

My successes are in business too. Today I travel around the world as a professional motivational speaker on life transformation and psychology of success expert. In addition to speaking for Fortune 100 corporations, I’ve spoken on the prestigious stages of TEDx in NYC and Las Vegas, and I’ve been on most every news media sharing my story and strategies for super achievement.

The Dream Big Life Planner is my secret weapon for success.
And it can yours too. It all comes down to this -

The Dream Big Life Planner will help you develop habits of a champion to achieve success, happiness and fulfillment.

On an even more personal note: I have two beautiful children Remington (9) & Macenzie (10). I love them beyond measure. They believe I am superhero. I am not going to disappoint them. I want them to live in a better world. Every person I can help to succeed more and live a life of purpose and fulfillment will make our world that much better. It’s up to us to make a difference together. Are you with me?


​The Dream Big Life Planner was originally launched on KICKSTARTER (crowd funding website) in December 2015. It was a raging success hitting #9 overall for the month of December out of 5,262 projects. In 4 weeks it sold 2,428 planners and raised over $71,725 from 17 different countries. 

Dream Big Life Planner fans are calling it,
"The best planner ever", "Amazing", and "My Life Saver."  

The huge success was amazing and also problematic. There were manufacturing delays and shipping issues like many new and growing companies. All of issues have now been corrected, but it was one heck of a ride getting started and getting it all sorted out. 

Many lessons were learned, but the biggest lesson had to do with international shipping. Shipping was obnoxiously expensive, very long delivery times and planners frequently disappeared in the mail. For these reasons, we are no longer shipping internationally. Sorry. 

The Dream Big Life Planner is printed and manufactured in the USA. We are an American company supporting American workers.
Shipping ONLY to the USA.

KICKSTARTER #9 Dream Big Life Planner

#9 Overall on Kickstarter

Kickstarter was amazing selling 2,428 planners in 30 days. It is a fantastic way to launch a new product. But it also adds layers of complexity to the manufacturing, delivery and communication process.

Kickstarter is a product launching platform. Dream Big Life Planner is now in the growth phase. For these reasons the Dream Big Life Planner is ONLY available here through the Dream Big Life Planner website. 


From the beginning, the Dream Big Life Planner was designed to be more. And more it is. WAY MORE!

It's a complete success program with success training, live online video training, live events, weekly inspiration, and more.

Because success and productivity are not a one time thing. There is no "set it and forget it" feature. Success and productivity is ongoing. You know this. That's why some days you are motivated and some days you aren't.

That's why this is a system to help you get focused, stay focused, and get what matters done with ongoing inspiration, motivation and strategies.