Rave Reviews for the Dream Big Life Planner

When I set out to create a system that would guarantee success when you use it, I knew it was going to be a big hit. But I never expected the kind of unsolicited responses I got. Don't believe me, believe the people who are using it day in and day out and getting incredible results. 

Dream Big Life Planner testimonial - Jen Whipple

It's lunch time ... I'm working on my Dream Big Life Planner by Croix Sather. Working on making my dreams a reality! I've given away 3  of these to other dreamers/do-ers. Create your future by working on them when you ca. Make it a daily activity, a routine. Cultivate productive habits and reap the reward. 

Jen Whipple
Tampa, Florida

I love my [Dream Big Life Planner] journal. Croix, it really helped me get my priorities in order.

Nancy Norsworthy 
Paris, Tennesse
Dream Big Life Planner testimonial - Nancy Norsworthy
Coach Wheeler New Hampshire

"As I followed my passion and became a head basketball coach, I found the planner helped keep me focused on what was important while also making sure that things did not "fall through the cracks." I highly recommend Croix Sather's Dream Big Life Planner."

I've ordered my planner- make sure you get your's too!! Several years ago I read Croix's book to [my 7 year old son] Jace and he has continued to be one of Croix's biggest fans ever since. This guy is so genuine he actually took almost an hour out of his crazy busy schedule and chatted with Jace and I on the phone this weekend. Super cool in my book!! To me, that speaks volumes of his character. Check him out.

Joni Ross 
Marion, Illinois